Magical Bean
"A bean. It's twitching as if to say, 'Plant me this instant!'"
First Game Paper Mario
Appearances Paper Mario
Owner Petunia
Type Key item
Notes Obtained from Petunia. Needed to be used with the Fertile Soil and Miracle Water to grow the beanstalk.

The Magical Bean is a key item that appears in Paper Mario.


The Magical Bean can only be obtained after defeating all of the Monty Moles in Petunia's garden. Afterwards, Mario can use the Magical Bean along with the Fertile Soil and the Miracle Water to access Cloudy Climb to defeat Huff N. Puff (only after the Puff Puff Machine is destroyed and the Sun is freed).


  • The Magical Bean is a parody of the Magic Beans from the popular fairy tail Jack and the Beanstalk.