Madame Clairvoya LM

Madame Clairvoya

Madame Clairvoya, the Freaky Fortune Teller, is a portrait ghost found in Area Two, but fought in Area Three in Luigi's Mansion. She resides in the Fortune Teller's Room on the first floor. Madame Clairvoya doesn't show herself to Luigi unless he shines his flashlight on the crystal ball. Luigi must wait for the crystal ball to light up and shine, and that's when Madame Clairvoya will show herself.

To capture Madame Clairvoya, Luigi must bring his five items he finds within his search through the mansion. These items are Mario's Shoe, Mario's Glove, Mario's Cap, Mario's Letter and Mario's Star. After each item she will talk about the item, and what she sees in her crystal ball. After this, she predicts the "evil arrival of Bowser", who is actually King Boo. Madame Clairvoya explains how she is afraid of Bowser and wants to be a portrait ghost again. She blocks the doors, and willingly exposes her heart to Luigi. He then sucks her up with the Poltergust 3000 and she is returned to her portrait.