Mad Paratroopa
Mad Paratroopa's sprite from Super Princess Peach.
First Game Super Princess Peach (2006)
Appearances Super Princess Peach
Homeland Vibe Island
Located Vibe Island
Leader Bowser
Related Koopa Paratroopa
Attacks Charging quickly and stomping on Peach.
Defeated by Jumped on and kicked.

Mad Paratroopas are enemies found in Super Princess Peach that are sub-species of Koopa Paratroopas. They live and are found on Vibe Island. These enemies are found in many locations in the game. These enemies appear to have wings and also possess a Green Shell. They also have smoke coming out of their ears and a red body, explaining their mad behavior. Mad Paratroopas attack by angrily jumping up and down on the ground. When Peach comes near them, they attempt to attack Peach by quickly flying at Peach.


They first appeared in Hoo's Wood. They are Paratroopas with their skin colored red-orangish explaining he's angry. It was one of the characters to be caused by the Vibe Scepter from the Goomba; it was one of the characters to rage. However, this is a vibe-infused enemy.