M. Bush
M. Bush
An M. Bush
First Game Paper Mario
Located Jade Jungle
Attacks Bites

M. Bushes are enemies featured only in Paper Mario.


These poisonous bushes are enemies found within the reaches of Jade Jungle. Mario finds them by searching through certain distinctively colored bushes throughout the jungle. While searching for one of the The Fearsome Five, Mario has to enter a battle with four of these dangerous plants. After defeating them, Mario saves the scared Yoshi.


In battle, M. Bushes mainly attack by bitting Mario, and sometimes can even poison him. They also have no actual weakness with descent stats as well. If Mario runs from a group of M. Bushes, in the overworld, the bush will stay where it was before the fight began. It is also impossible to "first strike" an M. Bush, conversely, it is impossible for an M. Bush to "first strike" Mario.

Battle Statistics

M. Bush
M. Bush HP 8 Attack 3 Defense 0 Type Ground
Level 16 Strong None Weak None Moves Poison Bite (3, Poison - Poor, 2)
Sleep? Good, 4 Dizzy? Fair, 2 Shock? Good, 3 Shrink? Good, 3
Stop? Good, 4 Fright? Fair Air Lift? Good Hurricane? Good
Coins 1 + 0-2 Items Tasty Tonic Run 18 Location(s) Jade Jungle
Tattle This is an M. Bush. M. Bushes pretend to be bushes and wait for unwary prey. Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0 Their bites are sometimes poisonous, so be careful. If you get poisoned, your HP will gradually fall. Your situation could become critical unless you restore your HP as soon as possible. Let's clear 'em out quickly, OK? Use your most powerful attack, why don't you?

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