Luvbi's official artwork
First Game Super Paper Mario (2007)
Appearances Super Paper Mario
Gender Female
Kindred Queen Jaydes (mother)
Grambi (father)
Race Nimbi
"I thou art my prince, then surly thou knowest my name! Speak it to mine ears!"
― Luvbi

Luvbi is a member of the heavenly race known as the Nimbis. She is the daughter of Queen Jaydes of The Underwhere and King Nimbi of the Overthere. Mario, Bowser, Luigi, and Peach had to guide her to the Overthere during the events of Super Paper Mario.

It is later revealed that Luvbi was a Pure Heart that Nimbi and Jaydes transformed into a Nimbi in order to hide the treasure. She sacrificed herself to save the world from Count Bleck's dimensional rift. 

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