Long Fall Falls
Mario being chased by the giant blue Cheep-Cheep in Long Fall Falls
World location World 5
Bosses N/A
Players Mario
Enemies Cheep-Cheep
Previous level Jungle Rapids
Next level Chomp Ruins
Game(s) Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Long Fall Falls is the third level of World 5 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Long Fall Falls, like Jungle Rapids, takes place mainly on a river deep in the jungle.


Mario isn't out of the waters yet as he drops onto another raft. However, his ride takes a dangerous turn as a giant purple Cheep Cheep is pursing him. Mario must dodge all of the Cheep Cheep's attacks or he will automatically receive a Game Over. After falling down a waterfall, the Cheep Cheep flies away and Mario can safely move on. However, a thick fog covers the area making Mario's sight impaired. Mario moves on forward until he finds the Comet Piece and completes the level.


  • Megaflash Infinijump
  • Big Shiny Infinijump


  • Jungle Floodgate scrap

Secret Exit

Just right after landing at the bottom of the waterfall, Mario must hug the western wall. He should be going down the side path until he sees a wall. He must paperize and peel away the Jungle Floodgate scrap to reveal a new opening. He just need to keep going a little further until he reaches the Comet Piece to access the next level: Chomp Ruins.

Note: Mario MUST use the Secret Exit as it is the only way to access the next level. Otherwise, if he misses it, then he must go though Long Fall Falls again evading the Cheep Cheep once more.

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