Li'l-Oink Farm
Mario near the Li'l Oink Farm.
Located Southern Toad Town.
Inhabitants Li'l-Oinks
First game Paper Mario
Game(s) Paper Mario

The Li'l-Oink Farm is a location in Paper Mario. Located in the southern area of Toad Town, this farm is home to Li'l-Oinks. The farm can only hold a maximum of ten Li'l-Oinks and when the eleventh Li'l-Oink makes its way into the farm, the first and oldest Li'l-Oink leaves the farm and drops an item behind. However, if Mario goes into the pen, all the Li'l-Oinks will run away. The Li'l-Oink farm can hold many different breeds of Li'l-Oinks. The farm is entertainment to a Toad who watches the Li'l-Oinks.

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