Lee's sprite from Paper Mario.
First Game Paper Mario
Appearances Paper Mario
Gender Male
Race Duplighost
Alternative Form(s) Mario or his Partners.

Lee is a boss in Paper Mario.


Lee is a Duplighost, so like Chan, he can use the abilities that comes with. He can transform into one of Mario's partners making him a tricky enemy to come by. Upon defeating him, he gives Mario the Second Degree Card. If Lee uses Goombario's abilities, he can use Tattle on Mario, and uses it to mock Mario. When he is using the abilities of Mario's Partners, he can even succumb to their weaknesses even.

Battle Statistics

Lee's Stats (Paper Mario)
Max HP 20
Attack 5
Defense 0
  • Flies at Mario (Only when himself).
  • He uses the first two attacks for each partner, but only when disguises as them.


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