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Lava Piranha
Lava Piranha
Artwork of a Lava Piranha
First Appearance Paper Mario (2001)
Location Mt. Lavalava
Species Piranha Plant

Lava Piranha is a type of Piranha Plant that is sustainable in lava and is a lot bigger than a regular one. It first appeared in Paper Mario as the boss of Chapter 5, Lavalava Island. It is also known to formerly be leader of the Piranha Plants. It it also aided in the battle by two Lava Buds.


Lava Piranha
Lava Piranha's sprite.
HP 40/40
Defense 0/0
Attack 5/5 (Fire spit)

In battle, the Lava Piranha's main attack is to spit fire at Mario dealing pretty high damage. It can also attack with its two Lava Buds as well giving it three attacks in one turn. After the Lava Piranha is defeated, it will rise back up and this time it is on fire. Nothing has really changed except direct jump attacks won't work this time.


The Ice Power badge and Sushi's Tidal Wave move is very helpful in this phase of the fight. After it is defeated, Lava Piranha will sink into the lava pit below and give up the Star Spirit.


Lava Piranha's Stats
Max HP 80 (combining both phases)
Attack 5
Defense 0
  • Fire breath
  • Lava bud attack

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