First Game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Homeland Possibly: Shroob Planet
Located Vim Factory
Leader Princess Shroob,
Elder Princess Shroob
Species Lakitu
Attacks Beaming down Spiny Shroopas,
Spinning towards enemies
Defeated by Jump

The Lakitufos are a sub-species of Lakitu that aided the Shroobs during their conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Their name comes from the words Lakitu and UFO. They were stationed in the Shroobs' Vim Factory.


A Lakitufo resembles a Lakitu, except it has a red shell and green antennae coming out of its head. Instead of riding a cloud, however, a Lakitufo hangs onto the side of a UFO.


In battle, Lakitufos attack by flinging themselves from their flying saucer onto either Mario or Luigi, which can be countered by jumping.

Using this flying saucer, Lakitufos can also attack by beaming down Spiny Shroopas, the Shroob versions of Spinies. If the attack is not countered, the Spiny Shroopa will join the battle.


  • HP - 34 (30)
  • POW - 32
  • DEF - 35
  • Speed - 25
  • EXP - 16 (15)
  • Coins - 7


  • Its name is a portmanteau of "Lakitu" and "UFO".

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