Two members of the Koopatrol
First Game Paper Mario (2001)
Appearances Paper Mario
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Located (Paper Mario)
Bowser's Castle
Princess Peach's Castle
Leader Bowser
Species Koopa Troopa
Subspecies Dark Koopatrol
Attacks Charging
Defeated by By Hammer

The Koopatrols are recurring enemies in the Paper Mario series. This type of enemy is commanded by Bowser to guard his castle and Princess Peach's Castle. They are capable of summoning other members of the Koopatrola to help during battle.


Paper Mario

Koopatrols are only fought in Bowser's Castle of this game. Some of them are needed to be defeated since they may hold important items such as keys. In battle, the Koopatrols attack mainly by shell slamming into Mario. They can also power themselves up and deal more damage on the next turn. It is recommened to use Lady Bow's Outta Sight move in order to avoid this. Mario must be careful when encountering a Koopatrol as they will try to get a First Strike against him.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Koopatrols are seen as regular enemies of Rogueport Sewers after Chapter 5 has been completed along with Hammer Bros. and Magikoopas. The Koopatrols acts the very same as they did in the previous game.

Super Paper Mario'

Koopatrol Card
Koopatrol return for a third time in this game. Though they did serve Bowser in the beginning, for the majority of the game, they served Count Bleck after being hypnotized by Nastasia. Koopatrols behave the same as they did in the last games but due to Super Paper Mario not having a battle system anymore, Koopatrols can no longer use their charged attacks or call other Koopatrols to help. There are stronger versions of Koopatrols known as Dark Koopatrols.