Klepto Capsule
Klepto Capsule
The Klepto Capsule
First game Mario Party 5 (2003)

The Klepto Capsule is a collectible capsule that appears in Mario Party 5. The character will have the option of either using the capsule on themselves for a ten coin fee, or throw it on the board and create a trap space, where any character can receive its effects. When a character uses the Klepto Capsule, Klepto will appear and transport them to a space that is occupied by another character. However, they will be required to spin a roulette wheel to determine the character that they will be transported to. During the last five turns, when Klepto takes a character to the same space as another character, a duel will not be selected.


  • In the Mario Party 5 instruction booklet, the Klepto Capsule is mistakenly labeled as the "Clepto Capsule."