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Red Yoshi Avoiding Chomp Shark - KEEP MOVING!!!! - Super Mario World 2
Red Yoshi avoiding a Chomp Shark.
World location World 6
Bosses None
Players Red Yoshi, Baby Mario
Enemies Chomp Shark, Bandit
Previous level The Deep, Underground Maze
Next level King Bowser's Castle
Game(s) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

KEEP MOVING!!!! is the seventh level of World 6 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


Broom This page requires a revision. The reason for this is because Walkthrough needs more in-depth details

The level starts with number platforms where Red Yoshi needs to jump on. Afterwards, a giant Chomp Shark then pursues Red Yoshi. Then, he must ride on a spinning platform and jump on some Flatbed Ferries for him to go over the spikes. Then, another Chomp Shark pursues Red Yoshi. After that Red Yoshi must go on a Flatbed Ferry and over some more number platforms. Then, he needs to go on a bridge over a giant hole.

At the end of the hole is a large stone area. Red Yoshi needs to go to another bridge which goes to many Flatbed Ferries. After he has jumped on them, he must go to an area with some steps which leads him to the next area. There is a castle arena with a lot of Bandits in it. After defeat, Red Yoshi needs to cross some thorns. Then, Red Yoshi must go on some steps and you encounter more Bandits until finding a Warp Pipe where he must enter. Red Yoshi can find the Goal Ring when going down the Warp Pipe.

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