Junior Shrooboid
Junior Shrooboid
First Game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
Gender Male
Species Shroob
Family Elder Shrooboid (brother)

Junior Shrooboid, known as ???? in Japan and Europe, is a Shroob and the first mini-boss of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


Junior Shrooboid comes out of Professor E. Gadd's Time Machine, which Princess Peach was on. Junior Shrooboid takes a peek out of the door of the Time Machine, and roars directly at Mario. Luigi cowers behind Mario, Mario adopts a fighter's stance, and the first mini-boss battle starts with the trademark music. The Junior Shrooboid is implied to be one of the weakest Shroobs encountered in the game.

After the battle, the Junior Shrooboid can be seen in a test tube being studied by Professor E. Gadd.

Later in the game, the bros. will battle the oldest Shrooboid near to the final boss of the game, the Elder Shrooboid.


This battle serves as a tutorial battle to teach the player the attack scheme for Mario. Only Mario is used to face the Junior Shrooboid. Junior Shrooboid mainly attacks by spinning into Mario. This can be counterattacked by jumping at the right time.


  • HP - 13
  • POW - 16
  • DEF - 20
  • Speed - 15
  • EXP - 6
  • Coins - 0
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