Intern Shroob
Intern Shroob
An Intern Shroob.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
Appearances Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Located Shroob Castle
Related Shroob
Attacks Aiming energy balls

Intern Shroobs (ゲドンコアシスタント, Shroob Assistant) is a Shroobish-enemy that fights alongside Shroobworths in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They appear in guarded locations of the Shroob Castle, where they were instructed to guard the castle from intruders.

They aid Shroobworths by teaming up to fire energy balls at the Mario brothers, and can revive their fallen co-worker using 1-Up Mushrooms. However, if the Shroobworth dies again, then the Intern Shroob will remain inactive for the duration of the battle.


  • HP - 132 (120)
  • POW - 100
  • DEF - 100
  • Speed - 50
  • EXP - 180
  • Coins - 20

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