Winter Wonderland

The map.

Ice Land is a snowy and icy kingdom of the Mushroom World. In this kingdom, the goofy and clownish Koopaling, Lemmy Koopa stole the magic wand from the king and turned him into a seal. Mario had to go through this cold and icy kingdom to defeat Lemmy and turn the king back to normal with his magic wand. This land is so cold that some of Bowser's followers like the Muncher plants are frozen in solid blocks of ice! Even fortress floors are frozen solid!

Ice Land is the sixth world of Super Mario Bros. 3, following World 5 and before World 7, and one of the most difficult. It is obviously an ice world that has 10 actual levels. There are also many, many Warp Pipes and a few bonus stages. This world also has 3 Hammer Bros. patrolling the region as well as 3 deadly, trap-filled Forts. At the end of the world, like all others in SMB3, there is a large Castle that has an Airship that Mario must stop.

Level Maps

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