Hyper Paragoomba
Hyper Paragoomba
A Hyper Paragoomba.
First Game Paper Mario
Located Gusty Gulch
Twilight Trail
Related Paragoomba
Hyper Goomba
Attacks Flies at Mario.

Hyper Paragoombas are enemies featured in the Paper Mario series.


These are some of the deadlies creatures in Paper Mario. Sure, they may look like basic Paragoombas, but there is a distinct difference other than the color. In both Paper Mario and Thousand-Year Door, these pesky goombas have a powerful effect that allows them to charge their attack power by six for their next attack.

Battle Statistics

Hyper Paragoomba's Stats (Paper Mario)
Max HP 8
Attack 2
Defense 0
  • charges.
  • Flies at Mario.

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