Hotel Delfino
The view of Hotel Delfino.
Located Within Sirena Beach.
Inhabitants Hotel Delfino Manager
Boos (formerly)
King Boo (formerly)
First game Super Mario Sunshine
Game(s) Super Mario Sunshine

Hotel Delfino is a hotel located at Sirena Beach on Isle Delfino. It is directly sourced from the real life Hotel Delfino.[1] The exterior with the beach and pools strongly resembles (and may even be based on) the front area of a popular resort in Cancun, Mexico. It should be noted that most of the episodes of Sirena Beach takes place in Hotel Delfino.


Once after Mario completes the first episode of Sirena Beach, Hotel Defino will become accessible to enter. During the second episode, the Hotel Owner will ask Mario to help with the ghost problem and Mario enters where he finds several Boos flying around. Once the third episode is reached, Mario can now enter the casino area. This is also where Mario fights King Boo in the game. Mario can also fight Shadow Mario throughout the Hotel while avoiding fake Shadow Mario's that are Boos in disguise.


2nd Floor

  • 201:
  • 202:
  • 203: Pineapple Room
  • 204: Master Bathroom
  • 205: Noki Kid Room
  • 206: Boo Painting Room

3rd Floor

  • 301
  • 302
  • 303: Sorage Room/Dolpic Poster Room
  • 304: Timid Noki Girl Suite
  • 305
  • 306: Changing room
  • Pool



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