Hoopster Artwork - Super Mario Bros. 2
Hoopser's artwork from Super Mario Bros. 2
First Game Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)
Appearances Super Mario Bros. 2
Homeland Subcon
Located Subcon
Leader Wart
Attacks Climbing
Defeated by Vegetables

Hoopsters are ten-legged spider-like enemies in Super Mario Bros. 2 and its remake, Super Mario Advance. They appear on vines, or other objects you must climb on. However, they are mostly seen on vines. They harm the player, if the player runs through it while climbing. Hoopsters are brown in Super Mario Advance. They look like spiders in the picture, but like birds' heads in the games. Players could ride the Hoopster up, if they stood on its head. Hoopsters move slowly, but increase speed if you are right below the vine they're on. Hoopsters can be defeated by a thrown vegetable or Starman effect. You must be careful when climbing vines, because Hoopsters appear one after another. To avoid them, move from vine to vine, or kill them.

As with all other non-boss enemies in these two games, Hoopsters can be stood on, which can be used for an easy climb up vines and similar locations.

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