Honey Jar
Honey Jar
A Honey Jar
First Game Super Paper Mario
Appearances Super Paper Mario
HP restored 10
FP restored 0
Damage dealt 0
Other effects Also cures poison.

A Honey Jar is an item in Super Paper Mario.


This item is the Super Paper Mario replacement to Honey Syrup, an item in previous Paper Mario games that restored FP. This item, instead, gives Mario 10 HP as there is no FP stat in the game as it dropped some of the RPG elements from the first two.

Honey Jars can be obtained and used in many ways. The Honey Shroom item still exists as it is made by cooking both a Shroom Shake and this item. There are many items that can be created with this one such as the Honey Super and Honey Ultra items as well. By mixing the Honey Jar with a Mild Cocoa Bean, you'll obtain the Sweet Choco-bar item.