Healthy Juice
Healthy Juice
Game(s): Paper Mario
Cooked by: Tayce T.
HP refilled: 0
FP refilled: 40
Damage given: 0

Healthy Juice is an item made by Tayce T., a chef in Paper Mario. She creates this item, by combining a Special Shake with any one of the following: Stinky Herb, Dried Shroom, or Strange Leaf.


This delicious and nutritious drink restores 40 FP. When Tayce T. finishes cooking this, she will say that this one of her specialties. This item can be sold for 25 coins at most retailers across the Mushroom Kingdom. Since this item requires two ingredients, Mario must have also acquired the Cookbook.


First Ingredient + Second Ingredient
Special Shake + Dried Shroom
Special Shake + Stinky Herb
Special Shake + Strange Leaf

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