Hammer Chime
MPDS Hammer Chime
Mario playing against a Hammer Bro. in Hammer Chime.
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Hammer Chime is the second boss mini-game in Mario Party DS in Toadette's Music Room.


Here, the player has to copy the Hammer Bro.'s moves on beating his colored drums. Then, a music note is released at the player. The player must quickly beat the drums within a limited time to attack back at the Hammer Bro. which his/her stylus on tapping the drums. If failed, the player gets injured by Hammer Bro.'s attacks. In the story mode, this minigame is found in Toadette's Music Room. When the player successfully hits the Hammer Bro. three times, he/she gains access to DK's Stone Statue and gains the Toadette's Music Chair trophy.



Depending on how many times the player defeats the Hammer Bro. in the mini-game mode, he/she gains different trophies:

  • Second Win: Toadette's Piano.
  • Third Win: Toadette's Timpano.
  • Fourth Win: Hammer Bro.'s hammer.
  • Fifth Win: Defeated Hammer Bro. trophy.