Hammer Bro Captain
Hammer Bro Captain
The Hammer Bro Captain (with Private Koopa) speaking with Princess Peach.
First Game Super Paper Mario (2007)
Appearances Super Paper Mario
Gender Male
Homeland Koopa Kingdom
Race Hammer Bro.

The Hammer Bro Captain is a minor character that appears in Super Paper Mario.


The Hammer Bro Captain, along with Private Koopa, meet up with Princess Peach in Castle Bleck. When the brainwashed Koopa Troop appear, the Hammer Bro Captain instructs Private Koopa to escort Peach out of the castle. The Hammer Bro Captain then gets hypnotized by Nastasia.


  • When hypnotized, the Hammer Bro Captain's eyes turn red which doesn't happen for the other hypnotized Hammer Bro.s.