Gusty Gulch
Gusty Gulch Boo
Mario and Goombario in Gusty Gulch.
Located Beyond Forever Forest and Boo's Mansion.
Inhabitants Gusty Gulch Boos
First game Paper Mario
Game(s) Paper Mario

Gusty Gulch is a location in Paper Mario.


It is a canyon-like desert east of Forever Forest and Boo's Mansion. Wind blows through this harsh place. There is a little rundown village where the inhabitants are Boos. They live peacefully here, but Tubba Blubba usually comes down from his castle and eat a Boo every day. Mario comes here in search of a way to solve the mystery of his invincibility and defeat him. There is a large windmill located in the western part of this area. The "hyper" series of enemies are found in and around this area, and they pack quite the punch.


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