Not to be confused with the technique Ground Pound.

Ground Pound
Ground Pound (Mario Party)
Luigi playing Ground Pound
Appearance(s) Mario Party
Type Single-player mini-game
Time 30 seconds
Music Can It be Done?

Ground Pound is a single-player mini-game in Mario Party. The game starts off with twelve stakes in a field. Each stake is either flat-topped or spike-topped. The player must Hip Drop all of the flat-topped stakes in order to complete the game.

While on Mini-Game Island, this mini-game serves as World 2-2 and the player needs to ground pound all of the flat-topped stakes in order to clear the game.


Game Rules Pound the flat-topped posts with Hip Drops.
Clear the game by pounding all the flat-topped posts.
Controls N64 Stick - Move N64 A - Jump N64 A+N64 Z - Hip Drop
Advice Watch carefully. Look beneath the butterflies, and you'll see parts of the posts.