Groove Guy
Groove Guy
A Groove Guy.
First Game Paper Mario
Located Shy Guy's Toy Box
Related Shy Guy
Attacks Dances.

Groove Guys are enemies featured in Paper Mario.

These little tricksters are located only in Shy Guy's Toy Box. Groove Guys are also one of the most annoying Shy Guys in the game, too. Sometimes, these guys might just bump into Mario like a regular Shy Guy, but other times they might try to use their signature attack. When they use this attack, they walk up to Mario and spin around. Mario can defend, but it can be difficult to find the right time to do so. If Mario is hit by this attack, he will most likely have succumbed to dizziness. These guys can also call in reinforcements so they can easily swarm too.

Battle Statistics

Groove Guy's Stats (Paper Mario)
Max HP 7
Attack 2
Defense 0
  • Bumps into Mario.
  • Dances to make Mario dizzy.
  • Call in reinforcements.