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Goomboss's in-game model from Super Mario 64 DS
First Game Paper Mario (2001)
Gender Male
Homeland Mushroom Kingdom
Species Goomba

Goomboss, also known as King Goomba or the Goomba King, is a recurring boss in the Mario series. He is a giant, king-like Goomba who was first seen in Paper Mario as on of the first bosses Mario and his Goomba counterpart, Goombario fight. He later reprises his role as a boss in the games Super Mario 64 DS and Mario Kart DS. He has serious eye problems, as his eyes are always spinning around and around.

Possible Etymology

Goomboss is an obvious portmanteau of Goomba (the enemy which it resembles) and boss (a video-gaming word for a difficult-to-defeat end-of-the-level character). Now, whether Goomba comes from the Sicilian word gumba (pronounced the same as Goomba) is debatable.

Goomboos MKDS

Goomboss in Mario Kart DS

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