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"Beware of Goombas!"
— Sign
Goomba Road
Goomba Road 1
Mario and Goombario on Goomba Road.
Located East of Goomba Village, West of Toad Town.
Inhabitants Goomba species
First game Paper Mario
Game(s) Paper Mario

Goomba Road is a location in Paper Mario. It is a path leading from Goomba Village to Toad Town with many Goombas found as enemies. After finding the Hammer and destroying the Yellow Block, Mario must head east towards Toad Town. While making his way down the path, Mario will come across two signs with a Mushroom mounted on them, when read the first reveals a Mushroom while the second reveals a Goomba hidden behind the Mushroom. On this path, Mario encounters two Goombas, a Red one and a Blue one. After the defeated pair flees, Mario continues forth and soon encounters Goomboss the Goomba King in his castle. Goomboss and the pair of Goombas enter a fight with Mario. After the trio of Goombas are defeated, Goomboss converses with the Red Goomba about the switch opening the bridge to Toad's Town


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