Goomama as she appears in Paper Mario
First Game Paper Mario 2001
Gender Female
Homeland Goomba Village
Kindred Gooma (mother)
Goompa (father)
Goompapa (husband)
Goombario (son)
Goombaria (daughter)
Race Goomba

Goomama is a character from Paper Mario.


Goomama is a female Goomba located in Goomba Village. She is the mother in the Goomba Family and has two children Goombaria and Goombario, the latter of which joins Mario as a party member.


In a similar manner to how Goombario's name is a portmanteau of "Goomba" and "Mario," Goomama's name would appear to be a combination of "Goomba" and the term "Mama," another word for "mother."

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