Gold Ghost
120px-Gold Ghost
A Gold Ghost as it appears in Luigi's Mansion
First Game Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Located Luigi's Mansion
Leader King Boo
Attacks Punching
Defeated by Poltergust 3000

Gold Ghosts are enemies in Luigi's Mansion.

Known for its golden color, the Gold Ghost is the most common minion in Luigi's Mansion. It is the first enemy in the game and first appears in the Foyer where it drops a key on the rug. It has a Heart Point value of ten and can be hurt by any element. It is the first ghost to be painted by Vincent Van Gore.

Even though its one of the easiest Ghost to beat in the game, it relies on using sneak attacks to scare Luigi in order to attack him. As with most ghosts, to capture it, Luigi must first have to use his flashlight on it and use the Poltergust 3000 to suck it up.

The Gold Ghost, along with some other basic ghosts, has made cameos in games such as Mario Power Tennis and Mario Sports Mix.

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, there are similar ghosts called Gold Greenies except for the fact that they are more rare and rarely attack Luigi. If you defeat the ghost, then it will drop a lot of gold bars, cash, and also coins.

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