"Skips happily toward you. It explodes so be careful!"
Super Princess Peach Glossary
Glad Bob-omb
Glad Bob-omb's sprite from Super Princess Peach.
First Game Super Princess Peach (2006)
Appearances Super Princess Peach
Homeland Vibe Island
Located Vibe Island
Leader Bowser
Species Bob-omb
Subspecies Glad Parabomb
Attacks Blowing up, jumping.
Defeated by Exploding

Glad Bob-omb is a vibe-infused, Bob-omb enemy appearing in Super Princess Peach.


They have the same natural abilities as normal Bob-ombs have, except for hopping. They can be seen singing while hopping. They can explode when Peach comes near one. When it does, it releases confetti out of itself. However, the confetti has no effect on Peach.