"The other babies are having a great time in the castle. But they could use another playmate. Why don't you give me that baby, too?"
Kamek with Gilbert the Gooey
Gilbert the Gooey

Gilbert the Gooey
First Game Yoshi's Island DS (2006)
Gender Male
Species Gooey Goon
Attacks Swinging

Gilbert the Gooey is the first boss in Yoshi's Island DS. It is the final boss in World 1.


At first place, he resembles a Gooey Goon colored yellow. However, Gilbert was upgraded as a large Gooey Goon with the body colored peach with five colorful spheres; red, yellow, green, blue and purple.


In the battle, Gilbert the Gooey will have twenty four spheres. He has two movements, bouncing and swaying. Yoshi should throw its eggs or steal with its tongue at the spheres until it is empty. After finished off, it stops bouncing and swinging, turning red, expands and disintegrates.


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