Game Boy Color
Logo - Game Boy Color
Game Boy Color - Transparent Purple Model
The transparent purple model of the Game Boy Color.
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Handheld
Released JP October 21, 1998
NA November 18, 1998
EU November 23, 1998
AU February 6, 1999
Predecessor Game Boy
Successor Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Color is the successor to the Game Boy. It has a similar shape as the Game Boy, but it is lighter and capable of showing multiple colors. The system itself was discontinued in 2003. It is 8-bit, like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy.

The Game Boy Color itself had Wario Land II as a launch title in Japan and Game & Watch Gallery 2 worldwide.

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: Z80
  • CPU Speed: 8 MHz
  • RAM: 16 Kbyte
  • Maximum Resolution: 160 x 144 pixels
  • Colors: 32,000
  • Maximum number of colors: 56
  • Maximum sprite size: 8 x 16
  • Maximum number of sprites: 40 sprites
  • Minimum/Maximum cart size: 256Kbit - 16Mbit
  • Sound: 4 channel

Mario-related games for the Game Boy Color

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