Frost T.
Frost T.
Frost T.'s sprite.
First Game Paper Mario
Appearances Paper Mario
Gender Male
Homeland Starborn Valley
Relations Mini T. (nephew)
Race Toad

Frost T. is a minor character that appears in Paper Mario.


Frost T. is a Toad with green spots on his head and can be seen with white hair. He also wears a blue sweater


Frost T. is first seen at the beginning of the game talking with Russ T. during Princess Peach's party at her castle. Later, Frost T. can be found in his hometown of Starborn Valley. He is also known to have traveled places with Mayor Penguin and has a nephew named Mini T. who lives in Toad Town.


  • Frost T.'s name is a pun of the word "frosty" given where he lives.