Friend Space
First appearance Mario Party DS (2007)
Appears in Mario Party DS
Effect 5 coins are given to the player who stepped on the space and a random player.

A Friend Space is a space that regularly occurs on game boards in Mario Party DS. It is signified on the minimap as an orange spot, and on the actual game board as an orange space with an icon of two people holding each other's hand side-to-side. When a player lands on the friend space in Mario Party DS, they are offered a total of ten coins. While five of those coins go to the player who stepped on the space, the other five coins are given to one of the other players on the board. Friend Spaces count as green spaces for the purposes of determining the teams for minigames to be played that turn. After the Final Five Frenzy (when there are five turns left in the game), all of these spaces are removed and replaced with Duel Spaces. 

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