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Userpedia is a wiki about the users of MarioWiki.

Userpedia locked

Userpedia has been locked whilst the issue of what to do with the Wikia site is discussed. All content is still available there but can not currently be edited so that consensus can be reached without Userpedia being fought over or vandalised in the process! See also this discussion. Some of the options are:

  1. find out what caused people to leave and fix those issues so that everyone moves back to Wikia
  2. keep Userpedia open for people that prefer to edit there than at Adriels
  3. keep Userpedia uneditable until most of the community want to return to Wikia
  4. rename Userpedia or change its focus and keep both wikis open
    for example, we could make Userpedia at Wikia just about users of Mario Wikia instead of MarioWiki
  5. keep Userpedia uneditable and start a separate new wiki at Wikia for users of MarioWiki or other wikis.
  6. close the adriels site and move back to

Why did Userpedia move?

Woah, Woah! What happened here? I'll admit that I haven't been here in a few weeks but since when did everyone leave? I've come back here and noticed that there is another new Userpedia, i know I should be used to it by now but i can't. Can someone explain please? --Brayds2006 05:52, 16 March 2009 (UTC)

How could Wikia be improved so that there's no need for the Adriels site?

If you want to stay at Wikia, say why in this section

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