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Hello users. I, ZeoSpark, have created this forum as to sort out the series of articles that needs to be completed. There are so many video game articles that do not have all of the pages needed, especially the Paper Mario and Mario Party series.

Video Game series

Mario Party series

For this video game series, the pages that we need are all of the characters that appeared in that game, all of the items, spaces, features, ect. that also appear. And, of course, the ever so important mini-games. We appreciate anything you do to help us.

Game Status Notes
Mario Party Semi-Complete The pages dealing with Mario Party look good but a few mini-game pages needs to be created.
Mario Party 2 Incomplete There is a LOT of pages, especially mini-game pages, that needs to be created for this mini-game series.
Mario Party 4 Incomplete There are still a bunch of pages that needs to be created for this game.
Mario Party 5 Incomplete I'm sure that there are still plenty of mini-games that needs to be created for this game.
Mario Party 6 Semi-Complete I was working on mainly boards for this mini-game series. I believe all that needs to be done are the mini-games.

List of mini-games

Here are links that connect to the mini-games of the Mario Party games. If the links are red, then they must be created and pages must have links to all of the mini-games that appears in that game.


If you have any other questions, please talk to me on my talk page. It's posted on my signature.  ZeoSpark  Talk  Contribs  E-Mail  00:04,9/29/2013 

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