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Flying Squirrel Mario
Flying Squirrel Mario NSMBU
Flying Squirrel Mario artwork
First Game New Super Mario Bros. U (2012)
Appearances New Super Mario Bros. U
Effects Glide, cling walls
Squrill nut

The Acorn Mushroom, which is used to transform Mario (or another player) into Flying Squirrel Mario.

Flying Squirrel Mario is a new transformation of Mario's in New Super Mario Bros. U. This new transformation can be obtained by getting the Acorn Mushroom, and can be used by any player (therefore, Luigi, for example, can use it).

Flying Squirrel Mario allows characters to jump and fly, slowly descending until landing on the ground, much like Propeller Mario (which is used by getting a Propeller Suit), and when holding a Propeller Block in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It also allows players to cling to walls.

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