Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
The Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Area World 1
How to unlock Obtain 1 Star from the Spin-Dig Galaxy
Number of Stars 6
Missions The Search for the Toad Brigade Captain
The Chimp's Stomp Challenge
Every Planet Has Its Price
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3
Enemies Goombas
Piranha Plants
Cosmic Clones
Cosmic Spirit Yes
Planets Starting Planet
Pond Planet
Tower Planet
Stone Mountains Planet

The Fluffy Bluff Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. This galaxy marks the first appearance of the Cloud Flower, which turns Mario and Luigi into Cloud Mario and Luigi. Cosmic Clones can also be found here. The Chimp is first encountered here.


Search for the Toad Brigade Captain

Mario must use the Cloud Flower to get to certain areas. After getting to the Toad Brigade Captain, he tells Mario he could not keep up with The Chimp. Then The Chimp rewards Mario with a Power Star. After this, the Cloud Flower is put in the Engine Room of Starship Mario.

The Chimp's Stomp Challenge

The Chimp challenges mario to stomp enemies and get 10,000 points in 120 seconds. 100 points are earned for killing an enemy, 200 for the second enemy stomped in a chain, and 300 for every enemy killed thereafter in the chain. 100 points are earned per coin, 10 per star bit, and 1,000 per 1-up. OctoombasElite Octoombas , and Goombas are spread throughout the galaxy.

Every Planet Has Its Price

Mario must feed a hungry luma 100 coins to get to a cloudy tower with a star at the top.

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Green Star 3


  • Fluffy Bluff Galaxy in Japanese is Cloud Practice Galaxy (モクモクケイコウギャラクシー/mokumoku keikou gyarakushii).
  • The Pond Planet with the Cosmic Clones was originally going to be a lot smaller than its how it currently is, as shown in the E3 2009 trailer.
  • This is the only galaxy in World 1 without a Prankster Comet (Besides the Green Comet).
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