Fire Cup
Fire Cup is the first tournament in Mario Strikers Charged and is the only tournament to be played in the Strikers Cup mode. Like all regular tournaments, this has two rounds; the preliminary rounds, and the final round up.

Preliminary rounds

In the preliminary rounds, the player challenges three other captains and their teams are randomly selected by the computer, and after defeating them once, will need to defeat them again (one home match, and one away) before they can advance to the final. If the player has enough points (three per win, none per loss and one per sudden-death loss) they will make it to the top two, and will combat the other team in the top two. If the player wins, they advance onto the final; if they lose, however, they will have to restart the Fire Cup. This competitor will be Bowser Jr. if this is the first time in the Fire Cup; if it isn't, then it will be randomised like every other challenge.


The final will be up against the current champion and will be in The Lava Pit. Winning this will mean the player will advance onto the Crystal Cup.

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