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Figure-8 Circuit
The overview of Figure-8 Circuit.
First appearance Mario Kart DS (2005)
Appears in Mario Kart DS
Cup Mushroom Cup

Figure-8 Circuit, (entitled Figure-Eight Circuit in the Kiosk Demo version), is the very first track of the Mushroom Cup, (Nitro Cup in the Kiosk Demo), which appears in Mario Kart DS.


From a bird's eye view, this track is shaped like the number 8. It is deemed the easiest track in the entire game because it consists of no obstacles except for the grass, which slows the player down. The course has a large crowd that watches the race. One part of the track overlaps another with a brick bridge. There are giant 2-D blocks, soundboxes, signs, and a pitstop building at the track edge. In the background, one can see pipes, trees, and a blue sky with clouds. It has the same music as Mario Circuit. The staff ghost uses Mario in the Standard MR.


  • Mario Circuit, a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, has its design based on this course.
  • & in Mario Kart Wii, This Track is not appears in a Mushroom Cup But in Aspenpellot Version Mushroom Cup Has one.

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