Faux Flame
Faux Flame - Mario Party Advance
Faux Flame's gameplay from Mario Party Advance
Game Mario Party Advance
Description "This windproof flame will never let you down! Too bad it's not warmer..."
Control(s) "A (held): Make a flame
A (released): Stop the flame"

The Faux Flame, (faux meaning false in French), is a Gaddget which, like all others, is invented by Professor E. Gadd. It appears in Mario Party Advance.


This flame can be obtained by Bowser once the quest Boss Bowser is completed.

This Gaddget in general does not do much except for lighting a fire, possibly on a candle, due to the flame's shape. Pressing the A button triggers a flame. Releasing it turns off the flame, thus making the screen entirely black, making it look like the used device for the game is turned off.

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