Fan Smack
Lady Bow using Fan Smack.
User(s) Lady Bow
Points 5 FP
Effects Attacks a single enemy for 2 points of damage up to five times.
Similar Moves Smack
Game(s) Paper Mario

Fan Smack is a special move used by Lady Bow in the game Paper Mario. Lady Bow can use this move once she is upgraded to the Ultra Rank and it requires 5 FP to use.


To use Fan Smack, the player must repeatedly tap the control stick in the left direction (N64 Stick left) to fill up the gauge. Once it's filled (or some time as passed), Lady Bow will smack the enemy up to five times inflicting 2 points of damage (10 HP in all). Fan Smack is, indeed, a strong move but it's practically useless against enemies with a defense of 2 or higher. Fan Smack is basically a more stronger version of Smack.


  • This is, by far, the strongest move used by one of Mario's partners in the Paper Mario series.

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