Eye Exam
Eye Exam - Mario Party Advance
Gameplay of Eye Exam.
Game Mario Party Advance
Description "Stand about 7 feet back and see how well you see! Try it on your friends!"
Control(s) "D-pad (Up/Down) - Zoom in/out, change silhouette
A button - Rotate the figure"
Obtained Completing the Weeping Thwomp quest.

Eye Exam is a type of gaddget, which, like all of the other gaddgets, are invented by Professor E. Gadd. This gaddget appears in Mario Party Advance.


This gaddget can be obtained by the standards of the player having to complete the quest Weeping Thwomp. Despite the name, this gaddget is more of a playing tool.

When played, the game starts with a right-side up C zoomed in by 20/200, also able to alter itself to 20/100, 20/60, 20/50, 20/40, 20/30, 20/28, 20/25, 20/22, 20/20. This tallies up to ten optional sizes in total. Once the gaddget is zoomed in to the maximum it can, the c-shaped silhouette can be changed to Yoshi first, then Princess Peach, then Luigi, and then Mario. The down button can be used to revert the images back. Only the c-shaped silhouette can be altered. If the player presses the A button eight times, it allows the c-shaped silhouette to be reversed one whole time.

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