! Blocks, also known as Exclamation Mark Blocks, are similar to Question Blocks, yet tend to serve more specific purposes.


Super Mario World

The blocks first appeared in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In this game, there were four different varieties, but Mario firstly had to find the appropriate Switch palaces so he was able to hit the blocks. They came in colors of Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. Each block (aside from the unopenable blocks) gave a different reward:

Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS

Here, the ! blocks reappeared serving a slightly different purpose. Yellow blocks are already unlocked and hold either coins or one of the 120 power stars. Sometimes releasing this star was the object of a detailed star, or it was one of the castles secret stars. The other 3 variants (Red, Green and Blue) had to be unlocked by finding the appropriately colored switch somewhere in the game. These boxes held the Wing, Metal and Vanish caps respectively and were needed to complete certain stars in the game. The locations of these switches are:

  • Red Block (Wing Cap) - A secret area accessed when staring into the light in the mail hallway. (10 Power Stars needed)
  • Green Block (Metal Cap) - A secret area accessed from Hazy Maze Cave.
  • Blue Block (Vanish Cap) - A secret area accessed from the bottom of the moat running round The Castle.

In Super Mario 64 DS, the red, green and blue ! blocks have been replaced with red ? blocks, containing different items, as there are no Wing, Metal nor Vanish caps in this game. The yellow ! blocks still appear.


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