Electro Koopa
An Electro Koopa
First Game Super Mario Sunshine
Appearances Super Mario Sunshine
Homeland Isle Delfino
Located Pinna Park
Leader Bowser
Related Koopa
Attacks Electric Shell Toss
Defeated by Jump

Electro Koopa is an enemy Koopa who appears only in Super Mario Sunshine.


They appeared mostly in Pinna Park, and are sometimes hanging from grids. They threw their shells at Mario like a boomerang in an attempt to shock him, and succeeding in doing so meant one point of damage. To kill them, Mario could either stomp on the vulnerable Koopa inside while the shell was out for one coin, or he could spray the vulnerable Koopa with F.L.U.D.D. to have the shell come back and shock the Electro Koopa for multiple coins. When an Electro Koopa is hanging from a grid, Mario would have to travel to the underside of the grid and preform a Ground Pound. The final solution would be to have a Yoshi eat the Electro Koopa.


  • If an Electro Koopa loses its shell (meaning it doesn't return to it), the Electro Koopa will respawn another one in a few seconds.

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