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Electro Blooper
Electro Blooper
Electro Blooper
First Game Paper Mario
Located Toad Town Tunnels
Origin Blooper
Attack(s) Bonks at Mario.

Electro Blooper is a boss in Paper Mario.

This is the second Blooper battle in the game. The Electro Blooper, as the name suggests, is a blooper that has electric powers. It can use its turn to charge up its electricity, but if it gets damaged during this time, it will end up unable to successfully charge.

This battle can be avoided as only one of the Bloopers in Toad Town Tunnels must be fought, but if Mario wants to explore the sewers, all three must be defeated.

Battle Statistics

Electro Blooper's Stats (Paper Mario)
Max HP 50


Defense 0
  • Bonks on Mario.
  • Lighting attack.
  • Charges.
  • Ink attack.

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