Elder Shrooboid
Elder ShrooboidElderShrooboid
The Elder Shroobid's battle sprites.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
Gender Male
Species Shroob
Family Junior Shrooboid

Elder Shrooboid is a boss in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. He is the fifth major boss and he is also conceived by many fans to be the most annoying boss in the game, because just as Toadbert was going to divulge paramount data pertaining to the game's plot, this boss steams in, and turns Toadbert and Kylie Koopa into Shroob Mushrooms. Defeating this brother will receive you the fifth Cobalt Star shard (the last is held by Princess Peach and is unobtainable).


This boss is completely red, with yellow dots and four horns around his head. He looks entirely different from his sibling, Junior Shrooboid, who is the first battle in the game.


Phase 1

HP = 1750 (1000)

POW = 140 (170)

DEF = 150 / 100 (on back)

Speed = 66 / 63 (on back)

EXP = 1500

Coins = 400

Phase 2

HP = 1200 (900)

POW = 200 (195)

DEF = 150 / 123 (on back)

Speed = 51 (53) / 47 (49) (on back)

EXP = 1500

Coins = 400


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