A Durian as seen in Super Mario Sunshine.
First Game Super Mario Sunshine
Appearances Mario Party DS

A Durian is one of several types of fruit that appears in Super Mario Sunshine which can be fed to a Yoshi or Yoshi egg. Unlike most other types of fruit, durians cannot be picked up by Mario and carried; they can only be kicked around until it reaches its destined target. Durians turn Yoshis purple when eaten.

A Pianta lady on the other side of the pool in Isle Delfino Plaza will reward Mario with a Blue Coin for getting three durians into her basket.

The Yoshi egg in Ricco Harbor will only accept durians.

Durians also appear in Mario Party DS when the player fights with Dry Bones in the mini-game Hexoskeleton, in which they can be used as a weapon. If they hit Dry Bones with one, he will get stunned for a few seconds.