Drybake Desert
Mario exploring in Drybake Desert.
World location World 2
Bosses N/A
Players Mario
Enemies Goombas, Swoopers, Buzzy Beetles, Pokeys
Previous level Goomba Fortress
Next level Yoshi Sphinx
Game(s) Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Drybake Desert is the first level of World 2 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Drybake Desert looks similar to Dry Dry Desert. It's mostly covered with sand with cactus all around. There are also pyramids in the background.


After getting the first Royal Sticker, Mario heads off into the vast sands to continue his search for another one. Mario fights though many new enemies including Pokeys, Paragoombas, and the unique Sombrero Guy. He also nearly gets stuck in quicksand but manages to escape. Eventually, he ends up in front of a giant Pyramid. Mario must make his way through around the pyramid and finds the Comet Piece to complete this rather long level.


  • Jump (x8)
  • Hopslipper (x5)
  • Worn-Out Hammer (x7)
  • Spike Helmet
  • Slaphammer (x7)
  • Shiny Jump (x2)
  • Worn-Out Jump (x8)
  • Hammer (x5)
  • Hurlhammer (x2)
  • Eekhammer (x2)
  • Shiny Mushroom
  • Iron Jump
  • Shiny Hammer
  • Flashy Hammer
  • Flashy Slaphammer
  • Big 1-Up
  • Shiny Hopslipper

Thing Stickers

  • Soda
  • Car Battery

Secret Area

The secret area in this level is located at the bottom of a slide between to cacti ledges. There are many Stickers located in this area. There is also a Tablet Piece scrap that will be useful later.

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